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Airlines and airports across the world are going above and beyond to ensure a healthy and comfortable flying experience during these challenging times. You can read below about the most common measures taken by many airlines and airports. Please note that measures taken and services offered differ per airline and airport.
Guarda compagnie aeree e aeroporti
Misure adottate da compagnie aeree e aeroporti
HEPA Filters
Cabin air is thoroughly filtered via High Efficiency Particular Air Filters.
Aircraft filters remove dust particles, and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring the quality of cabin air to the greatest extent possible. These advanced filters perform at a similar level as those used in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms. Cabin air is filtered numerous times during your flight.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is available at many major airports around the world.
Passengers can easily find hand sanitizer throughout most airports, including at check-in counters, immigration and security check-points, departure areas and lounges, boarding gates, and arrival areas. Some airlines include it in amenity kits as well.
Temperature Checks
Your temperature is checked by airlines and airports upon departure and arrival.
To reduce the chances of people with symptoms entering an airport or boarding a plane, temperature screenings and individual checks are performed throughout the entire process, from boarding and departure through to arrival.
Deep Cleaning
Planes are thoroughly cleaned.
Airlines are doubling down on their cleaning efforts. This includes strict disinfection of surfaces and fixtures such as overhead compartments, television screens, meal trays, seats and arm-rests. Cleaning is done by professionals using quality cleaning and disinfectant products.
Aircraft Ventilation
Constant flow of fresh air.
Airplanes draw in fresh air from outside and discharge used air out of the aircraft throughout the flight.
Social Distance
Seating arrangements & personal space.
Airlines arrange seating to ensure maximum distance between passengers to the best of their abilities. Additionally, when queuing, airport and airline staff will instruct you to keep your distance according to WHO guidelines. Please follow these instructions for your safety and the safety of those around you.
Modified Inflight Services
No stone left unturned to ensure your safety.
Depending on the airline, certain services might be suspended, adjusted or added. Most common are the suspension of hot-towels, pillows, blanket services and modified catering services.
Misure di sicurezza per la ristorazione
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La preparazione e la conservazione del cibo e delle bevande avviene secondo gli standard di sicurezza alimentare. Le procedure seguono (e talvolta superano) gli standard delle autorità governative competenti.
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